Edhèn [ e d ɛ n ] p. s. The philosophy of the brand reflects perfectly the common interests of its founders, Filippo Fiora and Filippo Cirulli. A contemporary aesthetic and respect towards finest traditions of Italian craftsmanship |.
Edhèn‘s first introduction during Milano Fashion Week 2016 has been higly received and supported by [ Camera Nazionale Moda Italiana ], the press, the main buyers, some of the most prominent digital influencers and international trend-setters. Edhèn finally made its debut |.

As today Edhèn is distributed in more than 20 countries and it became a signature for the modern gentleman |.

The brand has been featured in Vogue, The Rake, Esquire and Footwearnews. And has been quoted as [ Italy’s hottest new men’s shoe brand of 2017 ] |.
Edhèn shoes are originally crafted in Parabiago [ near Milan ], known for its history in artisan skills, and excellent products|.

Filippo Cirulli was born in 1988, Bolongna Italy. And created an opportunity to full-fill his future perspective in Milan, where he graduated in Business Economy & Marketing Management at Bocconi University of Milano |.

about image Filippo Cirulli

At a young age of 23 he accomplished a MBA in Marketing and Digital Communication Management at Jiao Tong University|.
Sophisticated trendsetter, antique passionate, art lover, Filippo has always been recognized for his aesthetic and his contemporary vision of male elegance|.
As a follow up becoming ambassador of Cartier, Dom Pérignon, IWC Schaffausen, Audemars Piguet and friend of several fashion Maison such as Louis Vuitton, Dior, Hermès|.

“I am going to make everything around me beautiful” - Elsie de Wolf.
This became Filippo’s motto and mission, to create beauty and having the abillity to share it|.

about image Filippo Fiora

Filippo Fiora [ fi-lì-ppo ] n. p. m. was born in 1987, Cremona Italy. Graduated cum laude in Architecture at Politecnico di Milano|.
During university he investigated the creative process, from Idea to its Realization|.

Giving truth to Gio Ponti’s morals, to which the most resistant material in architecture is art as his mentors Cino Zucchi and Stefano Boeri, understanding the process of creativity, whether its city planning or shoe designing|.

This paradigm pushes him to extend his creative investigation to other fields such as art, photography and the digital world, leading him to become a pioneer of fashion communication on the web|.

Today Filippo is a remarkable trend-setter, brand ambassador for numerous luxury brands and creative director at EDHÈN Milano|.

about image Edhen About Palazzo Kramer
about image Edhen About Inspiration

Milano, via Fatebenefratelli 5 |.
Palazzo Kramer, historical Monument from around the 18th Century, partially destroyed during the Second World War. A perfect place to evolve from histories traumatic incident to a future perspective, a place where Filippo and Filippo decided to open their atelier |.

With a view facing romantic gardens, reflecting the restrained but sophisticated style of their collections. A vibrant working parlor where exceptional ideas and inspiration can bloom |.