The unmistakable brass hook makes Comporta a shoe that manages to combine the DNA of the traditional Italian shoe with a modern, gritty spirit.
The iconic hook has become part of the Edhèn lexicon.
Available in different sizes and finishes, the hardware becomes the distinctive element of a high-value collection of footwear and accessories.


Brera is the original Edhèn double buckle that has been synonymous with contemporary elegance since 2015.
Having become iconic among men's footwear, it represents the choice of men who know how to have fun while playing with their own style.


The refined groove pattern is the sophisticated element that distinguishes a unique shoe in terms of both design and comfort.


Edhèn footwear you can't do without.


When Italian know-how meets Moroccan craftsmanship, the Riviera collection is born.
Colorful raffia is woven by hand in Marrakech and becomes finished shoes in Milan, where they are put together and finished with the customary attention to detail that defines Edhèn footwear.
An encounter between excellences is the most elegant tribute to the Mediterranean summer.


Precious velvets, gros-grain details and brilliant Italian leathers define the most elegant Edhèn collection.


The iconic lines of Edhèn moccasins are repurposed in a collection of ankle boots designed for the colder seasons.
The right combination of performance, comfort and design.


Come up, slow down from the top of the world.
Edhèn celebrates Gstaad and St. Moritz, two of the most prestigious Swiss mountain destinations.
The Après-Ski collection celebrates the two locations by combining the spirit of the mountain with the brand's characteristic aesthetic codes.