The radiant golden glow of the sun breathes life into the languid summer days, while a sea-swept breeze accompanies the blooming flowers in a dance of authentic delight. The allure of the Mediterranean informs the quintessential Italian lifestyle, its irresistible rhythm taking shape out of a rich tapestry of experiences, aesthetics and cultures. This is the setting for the creation of Edhèn Milano's Spring-Summer 2024 collection, the handcrafted footwear brand by Filippo Fiora and Filippo Cirulli which has masterfully redefined formal footwear by blending understated elegance, innovation and comfort into a novel quiet luxury.   


In a weave of the symbolic and literal, the Mediterranean serves as a backdrop to the new Riviera Collection: time-honored Moroccan expertise in raffia work synergizes with Italian craftsmanship and style, culminating in a cultured and contemporary style experience. The two cultures converge in a sophisticated narrative that echoes the magic of summer.

The captivating heritage and ambience of Morocco are manifested in colors reminiscent of the local spices, landscapes and blooms of the Atlas, along with the blue of the Mediterranean and Chefchaouen. With its names, the collection pays tribute to the enchantment of Morocco's imperial cities, Marrakech and Fez, as well as the perennial springtime allure of Agadir. Then, it seamlessly melds with iconic locales such as Comporta, Capri, the Hamptons, and the brand's signature model, Brera, which encapsulates the brand's ethos and the value of being crafted in Milan.


Responsibly sourced raw materials, chosen with sustainability and excellence in mind, are meticulously crafted in Parabiago, Milan's renowned footwear district, by artisans who pass down their invaluable wisdom from generation to generation: the painstaking and fair production is a paean to beauty and slow fashion.

The iconic Brera model, with its double side buckle, is reworked as Marrakech, from which it also draws its name, requiring days of careful craftsmanship and the exceptional skills of local artisans in raffia work. Similarly, the Comporta model is transformed into Agadir, retaining its iconic hook-shaped element. The Fezmoccasin, too, with its classical shoe mask feature, is made from raffia.  

Complementing the vibrant colors of the Riviera line are models crafted from Italian leather: the hues inspired by the wind-ruffled grass and sun-kissed beach sand, earthy tones and elegant whites define the season's palette. The effervescent and refined spirit of Capri inspires a sandal that evokes nostalgic childhood memories of past vacations. The Comporta model rekindles the allure of solid-colored or contrast-profiled suede; the unlined Hamptons loafer, with its delicate broguing motif, is designed for a midsummer's evening.

Edhèn Milano's new collection is a visual feast, a journey evoking the breezy, light-hearted warmth of the summer season, a delightful feeling that takes shape in a hidden corner of Milan: a secret bar, an urban refuge that comes to life at the Istituto Lombardo on Via Borgonuovo. Amid wicker furniture and vibrant curtains, the soothing rhythms of jazz float through the courtyard. The stage is set for a quintessential Italian aperitivo at the Edhèn Mediterranean Bar. Here, easygoing beauty joins in a celebration of the Mediterranean, evoking an atmosphere reminiscent of the golden age of the 1950s and 1960s.


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